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Bringing Moroccan Rugs Into Your Home

Interior with moroccan rugs

The Berbers of North Africa have been attributed with some of the most wonderful creations of artistic weavings when it comes to rugs. Their hand weaving skills are often seen as being unsurpassable, and the traditions of such a fine skill are still in practice today. Visiting some of the weaving tribes today located in the Middle and the High Atlas mountains would find them living as they have done for centuries, and the art that they produce, just as high quality.

What makes the Moroccan rug so predominant in its class is not only craftsmanship but the instantly recognizable style which is associated with them. Bold in color, yet not flamboyant, the Moroccan rug predominantly features intricate designs and shapes which, more often than not, have relevance and meaning to the weaver's tribe or culture.

The patterns may vary, based on whether they are ceremonial or just of general meaning, but a close study of other art from the area will see recurring themes. Different tribes have different motifs but the symbols and shapes will appear in many variations of themselves. A weaver will naturally have an influence and personal style, and they are free to expand upon that.

What makes the Moroccan rug so coveted is that each authentic piece will be completely unique. The weavers often follow no design but their own creativity. This allows for individual masterpieces to be produced by hand on the loom. These rugs are highly desirable because of their uniqueness, and stepping into a store in Morocco itself is an overwhelming experience. The choice of colors and designs, size and style is spectacular.

Interior with moroccan rug

The Moroccan rug, because of its color and pattern can be the focal point of any room. It can be the inspirational piece from which the rest of the room is decorated. Often, because of the pattern work within the rug, which can be busy, the rug will stand out in a simple room and used as a stunning piece of floor art.

Largely imported into Europe, the Moroccan rug has found its way into the limelight of popularity thanks to designers who have seen the potential and enhanced the already beautiful pieces by taking influences from them to replicate in furnishings and wallpapers.

The colors afforded by the Moroccan rug are usually warm tones of reds and yellows, and this brings a sense of feeling cozy and warm when seeing one, especially resting in front of a fireplace. These rugs look great anywhere, used as an area rug, a hearth rug, or the fine piece of floor covering to stand a glass dining table upon.

Another great use for the Moroccan rug is to employ the piece as installation of wall art. These can draw attention to an accent wall as little else can. Because of their wonderful geometric designs and colors, hung upon a blank canvas wall, they can look majestic and magnificent.

Moroccan rugs are to be appreciated for the hours of handcrafted skill that goes into them. Bring a little piece of North Africa into your home and enjoy real quality and craftsmanship.

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