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Moroccan Style Decor for Your Home

Moroccan interior

If you are aiming to have a home that is a charming blend of the exotic with the elegant then the Moroccan style decor might be a good choice for you. The Moroccan style of decorating has become extremely popular in the west due to its dramatic flare that can give a very unique appearance to your home.

Morocco is a place surrounded with mysteries and influenced by numerous cultures. Situated as it is between Europe, Africa, Atlantic and the Mediterranean the country is a mosaic of different cultures and a unique blending of all that is good in each one of them. The decorating style of Morocco is a blend of the French, Portuguese and the Spanish styles of decorating. With such an exotic mixture of influences, it impossible for this style of decorating to not be eye-catching. Get prepared to deal in excess and let your imagination reign supreme, there is no holding back as far as the Moroccan style of decorating is concerned.

Moroccan decor

Colors that are used in Moroccan Style Décor

Morocco is a country of long coastal lines, deserts and a blazing sun. People living here are inspired by the vibrant colors bursting all around them. Do not be surprised to see bright reds of the sun baked earth blending seamlessly with the vibrant blues and greens of the ocean. This style of decorating is not about precision or perfect color combinations, this is more for people who want to let go and make their homes an oasis of colors and textures.

Strong colors like blazing oranges, ochre reds, shimmering blues and greens, silver and gold can all be used to serve as focal points in this style of decor. It is important to understand that these vibrant colors are not just used for impressions; these are the basis of this decor and are generally used all over the house. A complete room painted in moss green of sandy orange is not surprising in Moroccan decor.

Moroccan interior

Moroccan Style Furniture

The furniture used is generally comfortable and set low to the ground. Moroccan people are earthy people who like to be as close to the earth as possible. Building an oasis inside their homes where they can relax without being relentlessly beaten by the sun is the major influence in their decoration. The furniture is generally made from wrought iron or wood. Highly carved furniture with a lot of scroll work and mother of pearl inlays are perfect for a Moroccan style decor.

Use Rich, Luxurious Textures to Complete the Look

Add rich, luxurious fabrics everywhere you can. Throw in richly colored and textured cushions and throws, drape the windows with thick velvet fabrics and adorn the walls with thick Berber rugs for a truly lavish look.

Moroccan style of decorating is incomplete without the right scents accompanying the decorations. Aromas of exotic spices, nutmeg and cinnamon can make you think of the mysterious markets of Marrakesh and Tangier. Use an abundance of scented candles and incense sticks to give yourself a truly Moroccan treat.

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